We no longer speak, but I suppose that Relics may never have been what it is today if we did. Similar to sticking your keys into a light socket, Relics is the un-rewarding efforts of two extremely passionate designers. We developed an honest idea without the limitations of a profitable return. Relics is not true, nor is it false. A failed relationship. Anthony Cioffi was born in Palm Springs in 1984. Natalia González was born in Miami at an unknown date. All of the elements of Relics are designed, drawn, cut, sewn, stapled, pasted, copied, exposed, printed, rasterized, drunk, assembled, and sold out, out of a small building next to a strip club in Palm Springs. We encourage you to sit confidently in this three-legged chair, take another sip of wine and strain to recollect the building that stood before the one that stands today.