Paper Bloc is an experiment.
Each Paper Bloc is mirrored from an existing concrete screen block example, popularized throughout the height of midcentury modern architecture. Paper Blocs allow you to incorporate these classic patterns into your space. Paper Blocs are modulor wallpaper tiles for your interior walls. Each Bloc was studied, digitally traced, modeled in 3D, extruded, textured, rendered and then hand screen printed on 100% recycled paper. These modular blocs are high on design but low on fussy installation. Paste them up like graffiti. Designed by Art Center alumnus, Anthony Cioffi, Paper Blocs are drawn from his surroundings growing up in Palm Springs, catalyzed by his days in LA wheat pasting graffiti on freeway overpasses and formalized by creating custom wallpaper for Bar. Paper Bloc is available to anyone who enjoys quality, unique designs.


Ultimatley, it is just wallpaper.