Balla is an Experiment. A Post-Modern Ballet. A Fateful Motorcycle Ride. A love letter sent to speed. A union of seemingly antithetical things:: dance and the motorcycle. Androgyny is the future of Masculinity. The Red Shoes (1948) is the parascope by which Balla is seen. Balla is an augmented ballet. Baroque…Like Viki, who dances in the Red Shoes until she dies, the rider of Balla will ride through every stage of human existence/experience; the whole spectrum of human emotion. The Rider ultimately perishes – but the Bike, like the Shoes, never dies. Balla del Motociclismo roughly translates from Italian to "Dance of the Motorcycle." Giacomo Balla was an Italian Futurist who designed sets for the ballet impresario and founder of the Ballets Russes, Sergei Diaghilev whose likeness is portrayed in The Red Shoes as Boris Lermontov. The production of Balla will be one-of-a-kind. Like The Red Shoes, the audience will be transported, and once they leave the production, won't want to reproduce it. I don't like this ending. But it needs a good last line.